Nigerian students at the university have suffered a great deal at the hands of insensitive lecturers who do not base their evaluation on academics alone. Many students have spent more time at the university more than they should have because of one issue or the other.

UNN, the Nigerian university where lecturers depend on student's evaluation

Front gate of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

The table is about to turn with the new circular that has been passed at the University of Nigeria in Nsukka. UNN lecturers will with the new bill have their performances reviewed by students. While this is apparently a good move for the educational system in the nation, lecturers who do not pass the students’ evaluation process will not be promoted.

UNN, the Nigerian university where lecturers depend on student's evaluation

A copy of the circular passed concerning the students’ course evaluation.

The lecturers will also become fair in the lecture room as they will become conscious of the fact that their promotion lies in the very hands of the students they are teaching.

Students who are being harassed by lecturers will also have peace of mind as they do not need to give in to their advances anymore. According to the circular, academic staff whose teaching score falls below 50 percent will not be promoted irrespective of the fact that they perform well in other areas.

The students’ course evaluation will start in first semester of 2016/2017. For a long time, the lecturers have had the upper hand which gives them the power to do as they deem fit. They become the alpha and omega of students’ lives as soon as they gain admission into the university.

The new strategy will get lecturers to sit up and straighten their acts; working for the federal government gives many Nigerians the assurance that they cannot be shaken. The confidence of many UNN lecturers will be shaken with this new development.

Deans of the various faculties are being asked to inform the lecturers they manage in the department. The evaluation done for the 2016/2017 academic session will be used for the 2017 appraisal.

Nigerian students are thrilled by this news as they will have the chance to express themselves. Many see it as karma considering the atrocities being committed by Nigerian university lecturers. Lecturers who use the same lecture note for years may also be sanctioned with this new policy.

Outside UNN, thousands of Nigerian students are waiting for this kind of law to be passed in their schools. It is only hoped that the students will not abuse it when they think of it as the perfect way to launch their vendetta