alex                                                                                         Alex Ayaji:

I have heard a Lie in dis Age, A Deception. I have heard a thesis sounding lyk a Theory, d falsehood of a delicate matter difusing from d present 2 d future with The Truth wrapped in the arms of time. I have seen A Myth in d Earth, a believe system. I have observed A thought pattern, A culture almost Acceptable by the Majority.. I have heard these words:

“Love is Only present Wen Two Are caught Up in a Relationship Hoping 2 End in Marriage”
“Love is True Only Wen Marriage becomes d Outcome..
And Am wondering..
We were friends from Childhood.. She wouldn’t go a day without seeing me, teasing me, kicking me, mimicking me or even fighting me.. I was her school mate, play mate, sit mate, tour mate and even inmate wen we fall sick or partner in a crime..
She can catch d moon 4me, I can extinguish d Sun 4 Her, We can Pause Time n swallow eternity with d Love we Share, Rejoicing everly, None can tear Us… Apart.
We r grown Up now and shez about 2b jointed in holy Matrimony while am still single, not searching, taking my time 2 plan 4 d future so bright cos definitely Our Calenders in life r different n am wondering if our Love is dead? Or Maybe d Love we shared wasn’t Real cos We didn’t end up 2geda as couples.
Few years Ago, I met dis Lady who set my heart ablaze, alertened my butterflies, entrapped herself in my subconscious so dat I tink of Her daily, my friends of life she became, I cnt share d details but we ended up in a sweet, heaven programmed delicacylike Relationship hoping 2get Married at d wrap of d Year until d tragedy of Genotype combination arrived in a first class flight! It was painful but we had to let go so D kids we’ll produce won’t av 2b sad 4life as Sicklers..
Does dat mean I no longer love Her? Or maybe I hate her dats Y we didn’t end Up married.. is dat it?!!!!
Sometimes love is Best expressed in letting go so as 2 avoid d pestilential hurt dat lies Ahead cos Love is not feelings or Emotions.. Love is Trust and Commitment. Love doesn’t break! it doesn’t, Only d marrital vows in view can come 2 an end.. not d Love..
Let our Minds be Renewed! Love is Present Even when partners dnt End up as couples n Love is True even if marriage is not d centerpiece cos Agape is d Standard..Divine love. The Love dat Lives on..
Therefore, Express love 2 one another selflessly in faithfulness n sincere friendship so dat Wen d Emotions n feelings r removed, d friendship dat was built would kip U two 2geda.. Dis way Love is True even witout Marriage n even in marriage such Love Remains d pillars of a peaceful Home. Even wen U dnt get Married, U still remain wondeful friends n not enemies of love who speak d wordss:
“Men are the same”
“4get women, dey cn neva b Trusted”
Dnt Love because U wana get Married.. Love Because it’s an Instruction from God.. 1John 4:7
But if Marriage becomes d Outcome, Give Glory 2 God all d same..
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